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How to Become a Physician Assistant in Utah - Physician Assistant Programs in Utah

Physician assistants are becoming more in demand in the State of Utah. In smaller communities where there may be only one or two doctors, the physician assistant can come in handy to help out whenever the doctor is busy with other patients. The physician assistant has a lot of job responsibilities including: performing examinations on the patient, making a diagnosis of the patient's illness or condition, ordering laboratory tests and imaging, and prescribing medications if the case warrants it. All of this is done under the supervision of a doctor. That does not mean the doctor is in the exam room with the physician assistant, but rather that the assistant discusses your case with the doctor before sending you home with a course of treatment.

In order to become a physician assistant in Utah, you have to complete a post-baccalaureate program in physician assisting. That means you need to have a bachelor's degree already, preferably in science or math, but it can really be in anything. You will likely be in the physician training program for two years before you can start working. As part of your education and training to become a physician assistant, you will likely complete a clinical component which will place you in a doctor's office setting, doing the job of a physician assistant. This is good because it can usually lead to employment once you complete your training.

Because of the many responsibilities that physician assistants have, they make very good money. In the State of Utah, a physician assistant looks to make anywhere from $79,000 to $82,000 when they first start out in the field. The average salary nationwide for physician assistants is over $86,000. Of course, as mentioned previously, you have to earn extensive education and training and you also have a lot that you have to do so you definitely earn every bit of the money you make.

In the next few years, the field of the physician assistant is looking to grow by around 30%. That means there will be tens of thousands of physician assistant jobs added to the workforce by 2020. It is definitely becoming a popular career and a position that is sought at many doctor's offices throughout Utah. If you are thinking about becoming a physician assistant in Utah, there is no better time than the present to start your training because there will be plenty of jobs available throughout the state for the next several years.

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