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Students who want to get the training to be a physician's assistant can get the education they need at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. UTMB provides students with master's degrees in Physician Assistant Studies. The physician assistant field is a good choice for a student who wants a career in the medical profession and wants to provide the highest quality of care for patients they treat. Students get the training they need to be able to treat any illness. In order to accomplish this, students must learn research practices, be professional in their treatment of patients, and have the necessary clinical experience to diagnose and treat diseases.

The physician assistant training program at UTMB is designed to meet the needs of the diverse population in Texas. Students have clinical experience options to work in East and South Texas. The program is designed to teach students about ways to promote good health, preventing disease, the importance of immunizations, metabolic health issues, geriatrics, genetics, and border health. Students are taught to identify and manage infectious diseases effectively. The latest medical technology is used to aid students in their training.

Another excellent school for students to get training as a physician's assistant, is Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Allied Health Sciences. The Texas Tech campus is located at Midland College. It is a graduate level program that students enroll in for 27 months. At the conclusion of the training, students are awarded a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree. The training is intensive and involves both academic and clinical training.

To be enrolled in the physician assistant program, admission requirements that are included are pre-professional coursework of 66 credit hours, an overall of GPA of 3.2 in overall prerequisites and science prerequisites, and an application made through CASPA. At Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, School of Allied Health Sciences, the curriculum includes topics which include, pharmacology, clinical laboratory, medical ethics, and physiology during the summer semester of the first year. Students must also study clinical medicine, medical psychology, family medicine, prenatal and gynecological medicine, pediatric, and geriatric medicine. During the final semester, students must have a clerkship of internal medicine, psychiatry, and surgery, in order to have the necessary qualifications. the goal of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Mission is to provide the best possible medical education for all students enrolled in its programs.

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