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Physician assistants are much like doctors. They can perform a wide range of tasks that are very similar to those done by a regular doctor. A physician assistant can perform medical examinations, treat many illnesses and injuries, and even prescribe certain medications. Instead of a doctorate degree, as a physician has, a physician assistant must obtain a master's degree. Though this course of study is shorter than what's required of a full medical doctor, it is still very rigorous. If you have a passion for the healthcare field, this could be the perfect career for you. It is a very lucrative choice.

As baby boomers age, there's an increasing demand for healthcare professionals, and physician assistants are perfectly poised to meet that demand. As a physician assistant you will work under the supervision of a physician. To obtain state licensure, you will need to provide information about the physician who will be supervising you. As a physician assistant, you must obtain licensure from the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. This is done by passing an examination. Recertification is required every six years. As a physician assistant, you must pursue continuing education throughout your career to maintain your certification in this field.

There is one college program in South Dakota that is appropriate for a physician assistant. Before pursuing this master's program, you should have a bachelor's degree in another healthcare field such as nursing. Most physician assistants also have several years of experience in the field as a nurse, paramedic, or other type of healthcare professional. The University of South Dakota offers a physician assistant program that takes 28 months to complete. The first 14 months are focused on didactic courses. This is followed by 14 months of clinical experience in the field. The clinical portion of the course includes several different rotations such as family medicine and emergency medicine.

There are many important qualifications that a physician assistant should possess. Firstly is a passion for health care. Physician assistants should have a pleasant demeanor and enjoy hands-on work with patients. A curious attitude will help these healthcare professionals get to the bottom of medical cases. Attention to detail and organization are always important. In South Dakota, the mean annual salary for a physician assistant is $85,190, or about $40.96 an hour. Some physician assistants who enjoy this job may even choose to go on and pursue a doctorate degree and become a practicing physician in a particular area of interest.

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