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No matter where you live in a state like Oregon, you should be able to find work that is meaningful. This goes for those who live in the densely populated areas, such as the Willamette Valley or in Salem, the state capital, as well as in the more rural areas, such as in the northern part of the state. When you are thinking about careers that are meaningful and realistic, you can't go wrong with health or medical careers. There are a lot opportunities in the state of Oregon, and the state government even encourages applications to take the certification exam for physical assistant. In other words, the state wants individuals everywhere from Portland to Ashland to know that they are welcome to this career.

If you have been wondering if a physician assistant position is right for you, then you should think about your own talents and preferences. For example, if you have found that you are quite good at the math and sciences, and that you have a curiosity about the natural world, then you might be a good candidate. Remember, however, that the physician assistant is the human face of the medical sciences, meaning that you have to be a talented communicator as well. As a matter of fact, you will need to develop special skills and behaviors for working with people who might be hurt, worried, or in damaged states of mind. This is common for some physician assistants who work in hospitals.

Much of the work you will do as an Oregon physician assistant is performing preliminary exams, reviewing histories, submitting information, and deciding on prescriptions. You will need to be able to recognize various symptoms of common conditions, diseases, and viruses. You will also be able to think of on the spot solutions to health and medical problems. These are talented individuals who have decided to work with those who are in need.

Once you have become an Oregon physician assistant, you can begin your career on the right track by moving upward. Join local organizations and attend conferences. Some people believe that assistants are limited, as opposed to physicians, but this is not the case. They are different positions that require different skills, all of which are necessary to the medical field. If you have these traits, you should begin a career that is growing as we speak with over 700 openings all over the state of Oregon right now.

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