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A physician assistant is a medical professional that is responsible for treating patients for various conditions including injuries and certain illnesses and diseases. They are able to prescribe certain classes of medication and diagnose to treat patients with a variety of ailment. They are able to practice medicine only under the supervision of a doctor. Many clinics employ physician assistants and the doctor will come in a couple of times a week for supervisory purposes. Physician assistants are an important part of the medical community.

In order to become a physician assistant in North Carolina a person must have their high school diploma or GED to start their educational path. These students should take classes such as anatomy and physiology to prepare for a rigorous degree program that focuses on the medical sciences. They must obtain their undergraduate degree in an applied science. Students need to attend an approved physician assistant program in order to be eligible to take the certification exam. This exam is administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants. The exam is called PANCE and is recognized by the North Carolina Medical Board as the standard to practice medicine under the scope of physician assistantís guidelines.

Many schools in North Carolina offer physician assistant programs to students. One of the schools that offer this type of program is Methodist University in Fayetteville. This particular program has a high PANCE pass rate, and is considered to be a top school for this program. The program prepares future PAs to counsel patients with their minimum of 500 direct patient hours spent in the clinic. They offer a comprehensive study program that combines coursework with clinical studies. This gives the student a chance to apply what they have learned as well as gain valuable experience.

Due to the shortage of primary care physicians in the state of North Carolina, physician assistant positions are available. This profession is expected to grow due to the shortage in the medical field in the near future. Many private medical practices are staffed with physician assistants who see patients on a daily basis. The doctor is in charge of supervising the physician assistants, and they do not have much direct contact with the patients directly. Patients are often referred to a specialist when the care is outside of the scope of services that a physician assistant can handle. This is a growing career with a bright outlook.

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