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These days, a lot of doctor's offices in New Mexico have physician's assistants on their staff to take care of their patients. With there being a shortage of nurses to go around throughout the state, it is a good thing that physician's assistants can do a lot of the work that used to be relegated to nursing staff only. The physician's assistant will review the medical history with the patient, check their vital signs, diagnose and treat the patient, order lab tests and imaging, as well as prescribe medications should that be needed. Of course, the physician's assistant is not given free rein to do all of this the doctor will supervise their diagnoses and treatment plans.

If you live in New Mexico and you want to become a physician's assistant, you need to have already completed a bachelor's degree. Usually it is good for the candidate to have a bachelor's degree in a health or science-related field and for them to have worked in some capacity in the healthcare industry. However, you may find different requirements from program to program. The only thing that is constant in physician's assistant programs in New Mexico is the candidates do need a bachelor's degree of some sort. After you complete the program, you must be certified and licensed as a physician's assistant in order to work.

Since physician's assistants are just below being a doctor, they make a very good salary. The average salary for physician assistants in New Mexico ranges from $78,000 to $88,000 annually. As you work in the field longer, you will start earning more each year. The salary amount will also vary by location and employer. No matter what, the pay is very good and this is a very rewarding career to have as you are important in the patient's overall health treatment plan.

Some physician assistants use this career as a means to see if they would like to go to medical school one day. There is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone is sure that practicing medicine is for them, so why not become a physician assistant to see how well you like working with and treating patients. Some people simply enjoy remaining a physician assistant, while others do go on to medical school and become doctors and surgeons. Others change their minds on a career in the healthcare field entirely. The final career path you choose is up to you and what you prefer.

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