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How to Become a Physician Assistant in Mississippi - Physician Assistant Programs in Mississippi

Physician Assistants care for patients and are able to diagnose and treat many illnesses and conditions. These professionals are able to prescribe certain medication under the supervision of a doctor. A PA orders lab work and x-rays to be done so help them find an accurate diagnosis for their patients. They are able to treat minor injuries and reset broken bones as well as create casts for their patients. They typically work in a medical setting either in a hospital, private medical office or a clinic providing medical care to people.

To become a physician assistant in Mississippi, one must attend undergraduate training and then apply to physician assistant training. This training can take between two and four years to complete depending on the program. If there are no specializations involved, a physician assistant can become certified in two years. Mississippi College in St. Clinton offers a PA program that students can complete. They will take courses in medical terminology, medical and diagnostic sciences, physiology, emergency medicine and surgery. Other classes include pharmacology, medical microbiology and behavioral science. Once the coursework is completed in the first year, the second year is typically spent doing clinics. This allows the PA to gain valuable clinic experience under a supervising medical doctor.

Once physician assistant training program is successfully completed, the student will need to take and pass the certification exam administered by the National Commission for Physician Assistants. Each applicant is required to undergo a criminal background check to ensure they do not have any known felonies on their record. Once the exam is passed and the background check clears they can apply for credentials in the state of Mississippi to become a licensed PA. They would be able to work under a licensed medical doctor to practice medicine.

Physician assistants in Mississippi require strong interpersonal communication skills, good analytic skills and the ability to assess the medical needs of each patient on a daily basis. There are many job opportunities for PAs in Mississippi working at a hospital or a private medical office. Many doctors come in a few times a week for supervisory responsibilities and the PA sees most of the uncomplicated patients. They are able to diagnose and treat most issues, and they handle mainly preventative medicine to keep their patients healthy and well. Becoming a physician assistant in Mississippi can be completed in a couple years after finishing an undergraduate degree.

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