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If you're thinking about how to become a physician assistant in Minnesota, there's some good news for you to know right away. Physician assistant programs in Minnesota are evaluated by the state's very own professional association, the Minnesota Academy of Physician Assistants. Very few other states can claim their own body dedicated to the science and profession of assisting physicians in clinical settings. This is one sign of the great career outlook and professional opportunities that physician assistants can expect to benefit from in Minnesota. Practicing PAs are part of the answer to the growing problem of a shortage of primary medical care professionals.

Throughout Minnesota, you will find more than four hundred physician assistants already in practice. The great majority of these work in the major medical centers of Minneapolis-St. Paul, although there are opportunities dispersed throughout the rest of the state as well. Physician assistants are a tight-knit group in the state and they work together through some of the most rigorous academic standards. Yes, the average physician assistant can make $80,000 or even up to $100,000 in some areas; but they must also work very hard to obtain a good graduate education and register with the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice.

Although physician assistants are not doctors, they are held to many of the same standards as any primary care physician. This includes a thorough college education of five to six years from an accredited institution that has been reviewed by both national and state-level "PA" associations. PAs must also be aware that they will have to recertify their training on a regular basis. In Minnesota, this process includes written tests, membership dues and continuing education to keep the individual on the "cutting edge" of practice. In exchange for all this effort, physician assistants typically work directly with their physicians and with patients.

Of all of the allied medical professions, Minnesota physician assistants have the best level of compensation. They also have the greatest level of opportunity when it comes to transitioning directly into a primary care role: There is a variety of programs around the country aimed at filling in the few gaps in a physician assistant's knowledge and helping them receive the training that doctors get at traditional medical schools. The community of physician assistants is expected to grow by 30% between 2020, not counting the increasing number of people who will pursue the opportunity to become full-fledged Minnesota medical doctors.

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