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Physicians assistants in Massachusetts have a Masters degree in Physician Assistant Studies. A Bachelors degree in premedical and health sciences concentrations is necessary. This is usually taken as a full-time program that lasts about 30 months altogether. Some schools allow students to begin working on the physician's assistant program during the junior year of their premedical studies. This sort of program helps prepare students for the fast pace that they must work at to succeed in the medical field. Because the demand for doctors will grow as the Affordable Care Act is implemented, physician's assistants will be helping to fulfill many of their duties.

One of the advantages of physician's assistant programs is that they provide a well-rounded education. Some of the different areas include emergency care, pediatrics and surgery. Some of the important issues that are covered include medical ethics, human physiology and clinical pharmacology. Any graduate will be in a good position to work under the supervision of different types of doctors, with many good post-graduation employment opportunities. For example, many physician's assistants provide care to residents of nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

Clinical training is a very vital part of the experience. This includes work at several of the hospital systems in the Greater Boston area. Students are allowed to begin the clinical part of their training after completing certain courses and remaining in good academic standing. Most of the clinical portion takes place at sites that are part of the school's network. There is also training at other sites that are outside of the network, to provide a more well-rounded experience. Graduates will have plenty of relevant experience that will help sustain them on their journey towards becoming a successful physician's assistant.

One of the good things about becoming a physician's assistant is that there are many opportunities at any given time. Some of these require travel, with travel and lodging costs being covered. Either temporary or permanent positions are available, and many choose temporary positions to get a feel for different practice areas. Many physician's assistants provide primary care in a clinical setting, helping to save time for doctors and allowing more patients to be treated at a lower cost. As the demands for primary care grow with a rapidly growing and aging population, more physicians' assistants will be needed. This is a good field to consider getting into now.

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