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If you are wanting to get a degree in the medical field and are thinking that you might like to go to medical school in the future, the physician assistant degree is the solution. As a physician assistant you will virtually practice medicine, just under the supervision of a doctor. Some of the things that a physician assistant do include: performing physical examinations of patients, order tests and imaging for the patient and then analyze the findings, diagnose the patient, and prescribe medication when necessary. Because physician assistants work closely under the supervision of doctors, their work and evaluations will always be double-checked.

If you want to be a physician assistant in Maryland, you will more than likely need to already have a bachelor's degree and/or have worked in the medical field for a while. Some nurses find it worthwhile to go back and earn their training in the physician assistant program so they have more responsibilities at work. In order to complete the training to be a physician assistant, it usually takes about two years. That is if you can study full time. If you can only study part time, it will take longer. Just be sure to get everything you need in order to be eligible to apply to the physician assistant program of your choice.

The salary for a physician assistant is very high. On the average, physician assistants in the United States earn $86,000 a year. That is not including raises and bonuses. The actual amount of your salary will vary from place to place and as you gain more experience. You can expect to make a decent amount even at the entry-level because of the requirement of needing a bachelor's degree and/or healthcare experience. It should be noted that not only do the area where you work and your level of experience impact your salary, but so does the employer you work for. Some employers can pay more than others for a candidate with the same qualifications. The important thing is to find an employer you get along with and then look at salary.

Seeking training as a physician assistant can be a very rewarding experience to have. Any job in the healthcare industry is worth having and this is as close to being a doctor as you can get without actually being a doctor. It could lead you on a path towards medical school should you enjoy the work and interacting with the patients.

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