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About Nurse Practitioner Programs

Nurse practitioner programs offer extensive schooling for those interested in a medical or nursing career path. Nurse practitioners, sometimes called advance practice nurses, are licensed to examine patients and prescribe medications, much a like a doctor. This is a high level nursing position, which includes much more responsibility than that of a registered nurse (RN). Nurse practitioners can specialize in a specific medical field, such as pediatrics, obstetrician or gerontology. There are many programs offering the advance nursing degree and prepare students to pass the advance nursing degree exam.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

To become a nurse practitioner in the United States, a student is required to have an undergraduate education; generally a bachelor degree in nursing is preferred, if not required. The candidate will need to pass the registered nursing exam in their state to become an RN. Once they have working experience as a registered nurse, additional schooling is required in a post graduate setting. A typical nurse practitioner program includes a post graduate education in nursing, such as a master’s degree. Once a post graduate degree has been obtained, the student would need to pass the advanced practice nursing exam. Here is a list of the different schools and requirements for nurse practitioner programs.

Nurse Practitioner Specialty Fields

Many nurse practitioners choose a specialization they would like to pursue. A board certification in the specialty is required to practice medicine as a nurse practitioner in a specialized area. There are many specialized areas for nurse practitioners to study and practice medicine, including pediatrics, anesthesiology, and emergency care. Once the required nurse practitioner education is completed, the student will need to complete a specialized program in their area of interest. There are specific exams required to specialize in a particular medical field in addition to the standard nurse practitioner exam required in each state. The following is list of resources/ including some of the specialized fields one may choose as a nurse practitioner.

  • Certified Nurse Anesthesiologist: A program offering nurse practitioners specialization in anesthesiology. 
  • Nurse Midwife: Information about caring for patients who are families, children and women during the childbearing years including pregnancy planning, birthing and normal newborn care.
  • OBGYN Nurse Practitioner: Information for specialized nurse practitioners working with women in obstetrician and gynecology.
  • Oncology: Nurse practitioner who specializes primarily in patients with cancer.
  • Pediatrics: Advance Nurse Practitioner managing the care of children.
  • Psychiatric: Advance nurse practitioner program specializing in psychiatric patients
  • Gerontology: Gerentological Advance Practicing Nurses Association
  • Emergency Care: Treating patients with a wide range of emergency conditions, accidental injuries or traumas
  • Critical Care: The American Association of Critical Care Nursing