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Home Health Aide Programs in West Virginia -- How to Become a Home Health Aide in West Virginia

Home health aides are individuals who have been trained to help sick or elderly patients with their day-to-day care, while monitoring basic vital signs. All home health aides work directly in the patient's home and operate under the direct supervision of a registered nurse, supervisor, social worker or doctor. In the state of West Virginia home health aides can make between $15,000-25,000 depending upon experience and the agency that an individual works with to obtain jobs.

There are several requirements in terms of education and qualifications that individuals must be able to meet in order to become a home health aide in West Virginia. All home health aides in the state of West Virginia are required to have a high school diploma or a GED. Students who have an interest in becoming a home health aide should plan on taking several science and math courses throughout high school as these courses will help with in-field work. In addition to a high school diploma or a GED, home health aides will be required to pass an annual physical, background check and be willing to be fingerprinted.

Some post-secondary colleges or community colleges offer home health aide programs in West Virginia. While there is no requirement that you take these courses it is a good idea if you wish to make more than the average home health aide. Many home health aides who have successfully completed one of the home health aide programs in West Virginia can obtain jobs at agencies that pay a higher salary. Home health aid programs offer a variety of courses that cover everything from infant care, personal care, reports and records, proper nutrition, and basic human body.

< p>Currently in the state of West Virginia there is no certification required to become a home health aide. However, there are several requirements that some agencies may require individuals to meet in order to obtain a job. Some agencies may require that individuals hold a valid driver's license, have a current or valid CPR certification, and own a reliable form of transportation. In some cases agencies that deal with high-risk patients or specific types of illnesses may require that their home health aides become certified nursing assistants, or CNAs. However, this is an agency requirement not a requirement to become a home health aide. Becoming a certified nursing assistant requires you to take additional training courses or programs at an accredited community college or vocational program.

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