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Home health aides perform many routine tasks that assist the elderly or disabled with caring for themselves at home. If you're interested in learning about how to become a home health aide in Rhode Island and home health aide programs in Rhode Island, you should begin by understanding what this job entails. Home health aides are responsible for basic duties such as preparing meals, sorting medications, housekeeping, assisting with the patient's personal hygiene, and running errands. Home health aides may also transport patients to see the doctor and go to other scheduled appointments. Many aides are companions for their clients who don't leave the house often.

Home health aides are not required to have formal training. A high school diploma or equivalent is generally preferred by the employer. For a home health aide to work alone in Rhode Island, he or she must have at least 100 hours of training and 20 hours of clinical experience. Some employers will provide this training on the job with another home healthcare worker. Home health aides are supervised by certified nursing assistants. There are many schools in Rhode Island that offer training for certified nursing assistants, which would be the next step up for home health aides that are interested in furthering their career in this field.

The National Association for Home Care and Hospice is a valuable resource for home health aides. This organization offers many educational opportunities that will help home health aides increase their employment opportunities in Rhode Island. Many courses are available online to make it as easy as possible for individuals to pursue continuing education in this field. Homecare University, provided by this organization, offers national certification for home health aides. A minimum of 75 hours of training, a skills demonstration, and completion of a written examination are required for completion of this certification program. Though not required, certification is preferred by many employers.

Though practical skills are very important in this field, it's also essential for home health aides to have certain qualities. Working with the elderly or disabled can be very difficult at times. Those who are patient, people oriented, and empathetic are ideally suited to this career. It's also important to have strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and time management. In Rhode Island, the mean annual salary for a home health aide is $26,450 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those with earnings in the top ten percent of this occupation make more than $35,090 while those in the bottom ten percent earn less than $20,580 in Rhode Island.

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