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How to Become a Home Health Aide in Arkansas and Home Health Aide Programs in Arkansas

If you decide to learn how to become a home health aide in Arkansas, you will be able to provide some of the best possible care to patients who are in need. These are important services, funded by Medicare and Medicaid, that are offered under a nurse's supervision. Nursing care, such as giving medications, is one of the most important duties of a home health care aide. Other vital duties include respiratory therapy, speech and occupational therapy and hospice care.

Becoming a home health care aide is a choice that can lead to several good employment opportunities. The demand for this position is expected to grow 62% over the course of a decade, providing home health care students with great opportunities. Larger locations, such as Little Rock and Fayetteville, often have at least 7 or 8 home health care agencies. Most smaller locations have one or two agencies, or at least have one within reasonable driving distance. If you decide to include a specialization in your training, such as therapy, you will enjoy many other great advantages when you are looking for a job.

Home health aide programs are helpful, because they allow you to complete your training very easily. Some agencies offer their own courses, which may be offered free of charge. 75 hours of classes are generally offered in these settings, which provides students with the training they need for licensing. In addition to classroom sessions, 16 hours must be spent in a clinical setting. These classes are generally taught by RNs who have demonstrated knowledge in the area of home health care. After completing the course, students will be able to provide care for patients in their homes. An aide who possesses the necessary skills may also be able to find work as a nursing assistant in a hospital or nursing home setting.

A home health aide in Arkansas will need to fulfill some requirements before becoming licensed. All students need to take a reading assessment to ensure they can comprehend the written test and any orders from a nurse or doctor. It is very important, to help avoid any problems that may arise for misunderstanding written communications. This exam must be passed before a student can begin work as a home health aide. It is important for a licensed home health aide to make sure that their license remains current as long as they work in the field.

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