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When it comes to profound technological and medical advancements, Oklahoma is one of the best kept secrets in the central states. In the area of Oklahoma City, you'll find a miniature "Silicon Valley" including some of the country's best hospitals and medical research facilities. That's one of the driving factors behind the swift emergence of Oklahoma Health Information Management Programs as some of the best around. Health Information Management Programs in Oklahoma come in a variety of formats: These include the "online only" distance education format, correspondence courses, and traditional classroom based education. There are also three degree options: Associate's, bachelor's and master's.

The associate's degree is respected by many Oklahoma employers who do not have a broad candidate pool for an ever growing number of Health Information Management jobs. These jobs focus on managing and maintaining the huge number of documents healthcare providers rely on: As a result, jobs must be filled in order for hospitals and physicians' offices to operate at their best. The associate's degree helps fill this need by focusing your studies on the technical skills and working factors that make Health Information Management useful. You will learn about healthcare databases, health information documentation, and standards of confidentiality and security.

The bachelor's degree is the same kind of degree that millions of "traditional students" pursue every year. That is, it provides a solid core of classes that orbit around your major course of study, Health Information Management, while also encouraging you to broaden your horizons with other studies. This kind of degree typically takes about four years, although it can be less if you already have an associate's degree. You will usually be expected to complete certain "general education" or "gen ed" requirements, which can include biology, English, and humanities courses. However, you can usually select the courses that you want to take.

A master's degree serves as the ultimate challenge for those who want to be at the top of the Health Information Management field. Master's degree holders are typically the people who are out there helping healthcare organizations to advance how they handle records management. In many cases, they will make in excess of the field's median income, $32,000. They will also often have the chance to lead teams or to rise to management positions in their office. Oklahoma's top hospitals provide some very attractive opportunities for the few master's degree holders in this field -- in exchange for about two additional years of study.

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