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How to Become a EMT-Paramedic in Texas and EMT-Paramedic Programs in Texas

Anyone who wants to work as an emergency medical service provider in Texas, can enroll in a certification program to become an EMT Paramedic. When a student enrolls in a Paramedic Certification program, they receive coursework instruction in the classroom, but also have rotations in emergency ambulance experience and experience in an emergency room setting in a hospital. For students living in Texas, the Lone Star College System which is located in The Woodlands, and the Austin Community College District, both offer programs for students who want careers as paramedics. The Lone Star College System provides students with EMT training in basic, intermediate, and paramedic procedures.

For a student to earn the certification as a paramedic in Texas through the Lonestar College System, they must complete a 39-credit program. The course provides students with the skills and knowledge they must have to be able to provide emergency care to patients when they arrive on the scene, and care for victims on the way to the hospital. A basic EMT course must be successfully passed before students can begin the paramedic training. Students must know how to assess the patient, clear the airway, treat trauma patients, manage any kind of medical emergency, and know emergency pharmacology. Students must know how to aid geriatric, adult, child, and special needs patients. The program includes classwork and working in a clinical setting. When students complete their training, they can get certification when they pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians examination.

If a student wants to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Emergency Medical Services, they must pass a 67 credit program which includes the courses that a student has to pass when getting certification as a paramedic, but they must also pass general education coursework. Prior to beginning the advanced program, students must take a basic, prerequisite EMT program that provides the student with 6 credits. Students must pass a capstone course when enrolled in the program. Students enrolled in the program must also attend lectures on procedure and medical practices. They also have to work in a clinical setting.

The Austin Community College District provides a 46 hour program for students who want to obtain certification through the NREMT. A lot of the emphasis of the program is on respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies. However, students must also know how to assess emergencies involving the endocrine and nervous systems. Managing emergencies with the airway, procedures to follow in emergency situations, pharmacology, toxicology, and other topics are covered. An Associate in Applied Science in EMS Technology is also available.

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