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How to Become an EMT-Paramedic Training in Massachusetts and EMT-Paramedic Training Programs

In order to become an EMT or paramedic in Massachusetts, you must pass an exam administered by the office of Emergency Medical services. The exams that candidates must take have been set by the state. The basic training that is required can be obtained from several sources, including local colleges. There are 18,000 EMTs currently serving in Massachusetts, with opportunities for employment from local fire departments and ambulance services. All training classes, regardless of the setting, are taught by instructors who are state-approved to teach EMT and paramedic courses. You can be certain to get a satisfying education when going through one of these programs.

The total training hours for EMT-Paramedic training programs ranges from 110 to 150 hours. The majority of this involves taking classes and working in the field with other EMTs. The combined classroom and field training helps prepare you for the challenges that will be faced when you make emergency calls. There will also be some in-hospital training and observation. Upon completion of the coursework and the exam, you will be able to be licensed and find work as an EMT. Many towns and cities in Massachusetts have seen enough population expansion to justify hiring additional EMTs.

One advantage of the training program is that you don't need to have prior experience. You must be at least 18, and be able to communicate clearly in English. A perfect course attendance rating is necessary. Being able to lift and carry 125 pounds is essential, and you must be free of any sort of health condition or disability that could interfere with your training or job. EMTs must not have any alcohol or drug conditions, as these can be especially dangerous to patients.

Regardless of which institution offers the coursework, all colleges that specialize in EMT training offer the essentials for any emergency situation. You will learn about basic anatomy and physiology. Assessing a patient's needs is another important element that is taken into effect. Oxygen therapy and airway treatment, bleeding, spinal injuries and fractures, with the associated safety procedures, are covered. You will also learn how to treat cardiac arrest situations, including using an automated external defibrillator on patients. This training also includes coping with disaster situations that EMTs may be called out to. After completing the training and passing the state exam, you will be ready to cope with virtually any situation.

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