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How to Become a EMT-Paramedic in Maryland - EMT-Paramedic Programs in Maryland

Anytime a person calls 911 for a medical reason, an EMT-paramedic is the one who will respond to their call for help. Being an EMT-paramedic is one of the most important jobs that a person can pick. You are the one who is responsible for getting the patient to the hospital safely so they can receive medical treatment for whatever is wrong with them. Without the EMT-paramedics, many people would not be able to get to the hospital to receive the medical care necessary to save their lives.

If you live in Maryland and you want to become an EMT-paramedic, it really does not take long at all. In order to receive just basic EMT-paramedic training at a community college or technical school, it usually does not take any longer than a semester. After you are finished with your basic EMT-paramedic training, you will take the certification test and then you will be eligible for licensure. You must be licensed in order to work as an EMT-paramedic. Most states require certification for licensure. Once you are working as an EMT-paramedic, you will still have to complete more training if you want to advance all the way up to being a full blown paramedic. Most continue their training while they work in the field, but some choose to just do all of the training and then get a job.

When it comes to salary, the average for the United States is a little over $30,000 a year. Which is not bad when you look at how quickly you can be working in the field. Still, for some it is not much. As you continue your training and advance your way all the way up to being a paramedic, you will make a higher salary. You will also make more if you work for a hospital or private company in a larger city like Baltimore. Basically, you need to look at the cost of living for the area where you live and then look at the salary to tell if you will need to relocate to another Maryland city to work as an EMT-paramedic.

Being an EMT-paramedic is a wonderful thing. You get to help so many people get to the hospital for their emergency medical treatment and that always feels good. Sure, it is not always a good day when you work in this particular job, but the good days always make up for the days when things go wrong.

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