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If you are interested in a fast-paced career that is in high demand, you may want to find out how to become an EMT-paramedic in Kentucky. These health care professionals are responsible for administering life support procedures to patients when there is an emergency. It is a job that requires you to think on your feet, evaluating the patient in a critical medical situation and assisting them on the way to the hospital. EMT-paramedic programs in Kentucky will teach you how to administer medication, insert intravenous needles, interpret electrocardiograms, and an array of other medical skills that help with life support.

The first step towards becoming an EMT-paramedic in Kentucky is to complete the necessary training to become a licensed EMT. This will include registering for a training program and then taking the NREMT-P written and practical exam. Some basic requirements needed to become a licensed EMT include being over the age of 18, with a high school diploma or GED. You will also need proof that you have completed a class in HIV/AIDS safety, have received your first aid training, and be able to pass a criminal background check. There are many EMT-paramedic programs in Kentucky, but you will need to find one that is approved by the state of Kentucky and that is based on the D.O.T. Curriculum for EMT Paramedic.

Two of the top schools which offer EMT-paramedic programs in Kentucky are Bowling Green Community College and Eastern Kentucky University. Bowling Green Community College offers an EMT program, which is one semester and six credit hours. They also offer a more complex Associate's degree in Paramedicine, which requires 25 hours of general education courses as well as basic training. Eastern Kentucky University offers degrees at many levels, including an associate's degree in paramedicine, a certificate program in basic EMT training, and three different bachelor's degrees in emergency medical care.

After completing one of these training programs, the next step in how to become an EMT-paramedic in Kentucky is to take the National Registry Exam for certification. This is administered by a computer, and can be 70 to 150 multiple choice questions. Students who are able to pass this written test and can submit proof of having completed a basic or advanced training course will then be able to apply for registration as a certified EMT-paramedic, and find employment in one of the various hospitals throughout Kentucky.

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