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< p> EMTs, or paramedics, are responsible for saving thousands of lives each year. They're the ones who are often the first to the scene and their efforts are vital. To learn how to become an EMT paramedic in Idaho, understanding a few simple steps is all that is needed. Obviously, enrolling in EMT paramedic programs in Idaho and completing them will take effort on your part but in the end the training is well worth it and those who enter the field are often satisfied with their careers both personally and professionally. It's a rewarding, challenging career.

The first step to become an EMT paramedic in Idaho is to graduate from high school and then find and enroll in one of the various EMT paramedic programs in Idaho. These programs provide a total education in the field and help the students master emergency medical exercises and cover all the fundamentals of providing emergency care to patients in need of it. According to Education Portal, the main universities that offer EMT training are Brigham Young University in Rexburg and the College of Southern Idaho, located in Twin Falls. Both of these schools are excellent choices and the best in the state for your education.

After completion of one of the EMT paramedic programs in Idaho, the next step is to sit for and pass the National Registry of EMT's exams a practical and computer based exam series. Once they're passed the next step is to complete a total criminal history background check. Next, those hoping to become an EMT paramedic in Idaho will need to affiliate with an Idaho based EMS agency. The agency must be licensed at or above the student's current level of certification in order to be used as an affiliate, according to the official Idaho EMS site.

Next, a copy of a valid NREMT card along with an application and a copy of photo ID must be submitted to the Idaho EMS Bureau. Fees of around thirty five dollars may also be required. Once that these steps are completed and approved, the student will be issued an Idaho EMS certification card. This card is vital to become an EMT paramedic in Idaho, and once it is earned the student will be able to apply for a job as an EMT paramedic somewhere within the state. These steps must be taken to enter this job field, but the effort is well worth it for most.

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