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If you're interested in learning about how to become a cardiovascular technician in South Dakota and cardiovascular technician programs in South Dakota, it's helpful to first understand what's involved with this profession. Cardiovascular technicians perform basic, non-invasive diagnostic tests on patients. These tests are done to diagnose heart and vascular issues. Early detection is important with heart disease, and cardiovascular technicians play an important role in catching problems early on. These healthcare professionals can work with many different types of equipment, but most commonly use electrocardiograms, Holter monitors, and stress testing. Duties include preparing patients, explaining the procedure, and keeping detailed medical records.

You can begin preparing for a career as a cardiovascular technician as early as high school. Taking advanced courses in math and science, particularly in the areas of anatomy and algebra, will be very useful. After graduation from high school, prospective cardiovascular technologists typically pursue either a 2-year or 4-year education program. Though there are no programs in South Dakota designed specifically for cardiovascular technicians, there is one option for cardiovascular technology. A degree in cardiovascular technology will prepare students to become a cardiovascular technician. Technologists perform the same duties as a technician as well as assist with more advanced invasive procedures.

Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, South Dakota offers an associate of applied science degree in invasive cardiovascular technology. This program has several prerequisites including medical language, patient care techniques, composition, anatomy, and physiology. There are a total of 22 credit hours of prerequisites for this program. After admission to the program, students will need a total of five semesters, including two summer semesters, to complete the program. The final two semesters of the program are clinical rotations where students will get hands-on experience before graduation. An Apple iPad is one of the required supplies for students in this AAS program.

If you're interested in diagnostics, enjoy working with technical equipment, and have a gentle touch with patients, this career could be the perfect choice for you. You will need attention to detail and organizational skills to be successful as a cardiovascular technician. You'll need to notice the small variations in the heart and vascular system that can indicate a problem. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for cardiovascular technicians and technologists in South Dakota is $46,580, or about $22.40 an hour. Those who are interested in becoming a cardiovascular technician in South Dakota will find there are many opportunities in this field.

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