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For many trying to decide what career path to take, or even those considering a career change, the nursing field holds a powerful magnetism that is hard to resist. The reasons are simple. While other sectors of the American job field have weakened, with jobs vanishing in every state, the health care industry has remained a solid source of employment for millions of Americans. And the nursing shortage continues, with no sign of being filled. Add to that the fact that jobs in the nursing field consistently pay well above the national average, and it's easy to see why so many people are looking into BSN programs in Delaware and throughout the country.

BSN programs in Delaware involve four years of education. The first one to two of these are devoted mainly to general education requirements. After that, the later classes usually focus on building your knowledge of the health care industry and teaching you the necessary nursing skills that you'll be using in your profession. If you are already a licensed RN or LPN, you can enroll in RN to BSN programs designed to supply you with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing over a two year period, allowing you to advance your career tremendously and take advantage of the different benefits that a BSN can provide to you.


Nurses perform a variety of different tasks, and BSN programs in Delaware provide you the skills to complete all of them. You may end up taking samples from a patient, running tests, managing records, handling initial consultations, providing support for families, answering questions, delivering medication injections, and even diagnosing patients with the supervising doctor. In addition to a great salary, job security, and career advancement opportunities, earning your BSN and becoming a nurse will let you challenge yourself in an exciting field. And most importantly, you can take pride in knowing that you're helping people who are suffering from illness and injuries.

It should be noted that BSN programs in Delaware don't actually make you a nurse. You'll need to take the licensing test required to become a registered nurse after you graduate. But the program will give you the education needed to pass the exam, and holding a BSN will allow you to gain higher salaries and work in positions that two year programs do not qualify you to work in. You'll have a better chance of promotion and a better chance of landing a great nursing position straight out of school. Deciding to become a nurse is easy, and a BSN will let you become the best that you can be. The only real question is which program you'll enroll in.

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