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If you want to begin a career that will help countless men and women and fulfill you in ways beyond just financial stability, then earning a BSN may be the perfect choice for you. The Institute of Medicine has recently suggested that schools of nursing should unite to increase the overall proportion of nurses holding a Bachelors degree to eighty percent over the next decade, a rise of thirty percent. Earning a BSN will present more career opportunities than other nursing degrees, and can be a solid building block towards advancement. There are numerous BSN programs in Alaska that can help you begin your career.

When you enroll in one of the BSN programs in Alaska, you'll be signing up for a four year program. The first year or two usually focus on completing all of the general education classes required, leaving the last two years open for you to develop all of the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a professional nurse. Throughout the course, you will learn a number of health and medical related applications designed to help you succeed after graduation. Students who already hold degrees as a registered nurse may be able to enroll in a two year RN to BSN program to advance to the next level of their career.

These RN to BSN programs can often be taken online, making it easy to earn a new degree while still working a regular job. In addition to the personal satisfaction of helping sick and injured patients and saving lives on a regular basis, the monetary rewards of graduating one of the many BSN programs in Alaska can be very lucrative. A glance through many medical job openings will reveal that a BSN is often required or at the very least preferred in most cases. And the pay of positions requiring a BSN is considerably higher than the national average salary.

A number of different career options are available to graduates of a BSN program, including many that aren't directly related to the bedside care most commonly associated with nursing. In addition to the many different normal nursing positions, managerial job openings can often be filled by a BSN graduate, as well as several specialized nursing positions that would be harder to attain with a lesser degree. If you're serious about a career in the health care field and truly love to help people, then helping yourself by enrolling in one of the BSN programs in Alaska is the first step down a fulfilling path. You won't regret your choice.

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